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COVID-19 Update

Since the world went upside down on us we have been cooking up some ways of helping. We were hoping for more time before full lockdown so we could help everyone prep better but either way we want to be helpful where we can. If you have an essential business and need this we can help, let us know. We have designed and manufactured two new products. 

Safe store screens for staff and customers, Portable room dividers/screens for hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores and essential industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The screens are highly versatile and extremely portable making this screen useful in any workplace situation to create safe service areas for staff and customers while we are in pandemic conditions.

Are you now working from home? Lets get you back in the game with the ergonomically designed 'Work From Home Desk'.

Our Work from Home Desks are now available to order here as part of essential goods for health and safety while working from home. Our road case solutions aren't considered an essential service but can still quote and get things underway until we are back up and running.

Stay Safe, Stay positive 

From the Fiasco Team

Road cases, rack cases and draping - Store stuff smarter.

Think outside the box.

Fiasco road cases are an ingenious transit storage system. Each case is meticulously designed to fit perfectly with any other. Pack, stack — move on.
Stacking Road Case

Built to last for years.

They just don't quit. Our road cases, made with premium Penn Elcom hardware, are incredibly robust and durable. Engineered to withstand years of smash, crash n' bash.

Designed in New Zealand.

Every single piece is dreamt up and designed in New Zealand. So you know there's no rubbish here—just superior products you can trust. Chur bro.
Fiasco Road Cases

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