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Stage Skirts


Lightweight skirts to match your drapes.

  • Designed to suit a 1m x 2m riser


Colour 220g/m2 Black Velvet
Fullness 66% Fullness (Gathered)
Wide/Drop 6.2m Wide by 290mm to 1190mm Drop
Overlapping Hook velcro at left hand end for overlapping
Joining Loop velcro on entire top back edge
NDFR Non Durable Flame-Retardant treated & tested
Certification AS 1530.2-1993 by NZWTA
Shipping Volume 0.01cbm
Weight 1.1kg

*300 Stage Skirt

300 Stage Skirt Spec Sheet

*600 Stage Skirt

600 Stage Skirt Spec Sheet

*900 Stage Skirt 

900 Stage Skirt Spec Sheet

*1200 Stage Skirt

1200 Stage Skirt Spec Sheet


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