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3860 Drape - 4m Drop


Nicely Dressed. With pockets and pullback flaps stitched to the backside, heavy black velvet and 66% fullness, this drape is not showing any leg!


Colour 350g/m2 Black Velvet
Fullness 66% Fullness (gathered)
Wide/Drop 3.86m Wide by 4m Drop
Split pockets For turning corners
Pullback flaps On top corners for dressing pushups
Joining Edge velcro for joining drape to drape
NDFR Non Durable Flame-Retardant treated & tested
Certification AS 1530.2-1993 by NZWTA
Shipping Volume 0.06cbm
Weight 11.4kg
Height/Length 4000 x 3860mm

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SKU: 3860D

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