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Our uber lightweight Fiasco Flyracks are ready to depart to any destination. Designed for no nonsense touring audio engineers and musicians.  At home in the mega-strong Polyproof 54L Case. A welterweight champ: light on its feet but built to take the big hits. Roll through every terminal with ease. 

Polyproof 54L with 2U Rack and accessories pocket $600
Polyproof 54L with 4U Rack $600


Flyrack Construction
Birch Plywood
Foam Durable EVA w/ convoluted lid foam
External Case 54L Polyproof
Shipping Volume
2U + Case Total Weight 12.4kgs
2U Flyrack 2.7kgs
4U + Case Total Weight 12.3kgs
4U Flyrack 3.4kgs
External Dims (DxWxH) 469 x 617 x 292mm
Internal Dims (DxWxH)
397 x 531 x 251mm
Mounting Fixtures M6 screws, washers & cagenuts incl.
Rack Depth (Adjustable) 200mm to 290mm Front Ear to Rear Ear
Air Valve
Manual pressure equalisation valve
Wheels & Roller Handle Yes
Watertight Silicone O-ring in lid 

Product Certifications:  

  • Waterproof to IP67-IEC60529 (IP67)
  • Impact resistance to ATA300
  • Immersion to MIL-STD-810
  • Low temperature to IEC60068-2-1 (-40 degrees C)
  • High temperature to IEC60068-2-2 (90 degrees C)
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