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1600 Lift Off Lid Case


At twice the length of an 800 case, 1600's are great for those longer and taller things.

  • Fiasco cases at 590mm stack 4 wide and 3 high in a standard box truck
  • Screen and/or screen insert are not included with case


Sidings Black hex resin impregnated 9mm Birch Ply
Wheel-board 18mm Birch Ply with low lifting cut-outs
Extrusions 2mm proprietary 6061-T6 alloy
Hardware Penn Elcom zinc plated fittings
Wheels Penn Elcom 250kg 4" blue castors
Wheel pockets Shower proof gaskets
Label Label dish with shower proof gaskets
Lining Durable foam to take dividers & Fiasco inserts
Internal Capacity 721L
Shipping Volume 1.01cbm
Ball to Ball sizes
(D x W x H)
590 x 1570 x 1090mm 

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SKU: 1600LOL

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