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FOR SALE: Dual Spindle CNC Router with HSD 9 piece Drill Head $39,000

We brought this CNC for prototyping and light manufacturing and it has served us well for the last two years. We are only selling it due to business expansion creating the need for us to standardise the machine we have in NZ and the USA. We are getting the same brand slightly more up spec.

While we only run this industrial grade machine for a dozen or so hours a week the factories we work with in China have four of these machines running 15 hours a day six days a week. They do little maintenance to them and have had the same machines running for several years while we have worked with them. It was that level of reliability that convinced us to buy this one. We have serviced this machine well since new.  

Half day training to the buyer of the machine and a 90 day fair use warranty. We are also happy to help source spare parts if needed in future as we maintain a relationship with the factory for our own CNC machines.  

Two Spindles are great if you are regularly cutting two different materials or need two tool sizes.

Cuts most flat sheet materials up to 60mm thick - plywood, MDF, aluminium, foam and plastics (HDPE etc).


Working area:1300*2500*200mm - perfect for 1200x2400 sheet materials.  
1 x 4.5kw(18000RPM) Spindle  
1 x 6kw (24000RPM) Spindle
HSD drill unit with 9 pcs vertical heads
3 Axis - X,Y axis helical gear, Z axis TBI ball screw
7.5kw Air vacuum pump to hold down sheets when cutting
Position Cylinders
Push bar and Table cleaner
3kw Dust Extractor system
Auto Lube
NC Studio control system & ArtCam. 
Schneider and Delix electric components. 
Voltage: 3 phase,400V, 50Hz.

We have a professional valuation for this machine at $77,000 from early 2018. Happy to provide during inspection or to help you get finance.  

Inspections welcome


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